SpongeUp! lamps by Pott: taking the Sponge trilogy to a new level.

Following the premises introduced by the Sponge lamp, the SpongeUp! ceramic pendant lights come as a natural evolution in the Sponge lamps trilogy, not only by adding new sizes and new colors to its predecessor, but also by literally taking it to a new level.

Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte, the SpongeUp! collection keeps up with handmade traditional pottery techniques and combines them to contemporary lighting arrangements. When the light is turned on, the spongy surface of the lamps creates a unique and soft stellar ambiance in the room.  When it’s turned off, the lamp becomes an organic decorative element with its mat surface and earth-toned colours.

The SpongeUp! lamps are available in three different sizes and four different colours.


SpongeOh!: Last chapter of the Sponge lighting trilogy

SpongeOh! is the latest hand-crafted ceramic light collection presented by the young Spanish design company Pott. After exploring sizes, colours and heights in the previous two chapters, designer Miguel Angel García Bernal concludes the Sponge lamps trilogy with the SpongeOh! collection where shapes and textures are now the protagonists.

Hand-made in Totana in Southern Spain, the SpongeOh! pendant lights are proposing  a balanced juxtaposition of a smooth clay surface, typical of  traditional pottery, and a porous strip, distinctive element of the Sponge series which let the light flows into the room to create a unique textured atmosphere.

Pott’s SpongeOh! lamps are available in two sizes (30cm and 36 cm) and two colour choices: soft terracotta and white.


Flame pendant lampshades by Pott

Crafted from natural terracotta, Pott's Flame pendant lamp collection wears two personalities: the exterior has been left au naturel and unvarnished while the interior softly contrasts by proposing a white glazed finish. Subtle lines left by the production process circle the outside of the lampshade adding to it movement and fluidity while recalling the twirl of the potter’s wheel.


Each of Pott's Flame pendant lamps is unique and has been hand-crafted with care and dedication, mixing traditional pottery techniques and natural materials to contemporary lighting designs.


The Flame pendant lamps are available in terracotta color and come in three different sizes.


Candela: The studio’s smallest yet warmest creation so far.

In its latest collection named “Candela” Pott goes off on a tangent and takes its concept of organic lighting a step further by exploring natural incandescence. The result consists in a reversible candle holder morphing seamlessly from a tea light holder into a taper holder. Handmade from Pott’s workshop in southern Spain, each piece is molded individually by master potters, ensuring uniqueness to each one of them.

The “Candela” collection comes in four different colours (white, grey, red, and chocolate). Each holder measures 82cm x 58cm x 48cm.


Ma-ce-ta: introduction to modular gardening

Designed by Miguel Angél Garcia Belmonte, the Ma-ce-ta series consists of multi-faceted ceramic garden pots attachable and detachable to one’s liking. Handmade in Southern Spain, the Ma-ce-ta pots come in three different sizes and let you customize your very own modular garden.

Ideal solution for compact living environments, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Each pot is designed in a way that the outer white shell retains the excess water.

The Ma-ce-ta gardening pots series wears Pott’s distinctive signature: applying traditional pottery techniques and natural materials to contemporary design. 


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