Martín Azua


Interview - Martín Azua

How do you describe your creative/reflective design process?

I don’t have a method, but I do have some habits, the process is different depending on each project. I set up the problem in my head and let time solve all the questions that appear. I usually start from the general to the detail, but the resolution of a detail can change the overall look of the project. Walking helps me to reflect, it’s the most effective creative resource I know

What would you highlight about the craftsmanship?

It is a process in which experience and craftsmanship are indispensable. Collaborating with artisans is very enriching and inspiring for a designer.

What aspects and characteristics would you highlight about working with a material like ceramics?

I like materials that remind me of nature. Ceramic is one of them, I don’t like to glaze it, I prefer it in its warmer and more porous aspect.


“Simplicity is only honest when it is the result of a complex process.”


Do you think craftsmanship contributes to a better world because…

It preserves a diversity of technological cultures necessary to deal with the complexity of our environment.

What inspires you when designing and creating?

History, art, other cultures, nature, anything that arouses my curiosity.

Where did the idea for the product Okina come from?

From my walks in the forest in the Basque Country.

What is the message/intention of the piece?

Nature in some cases adopts the language of simplicity, but it is an apparent simplicity that responds to very complex questions. At one time I obsessively photographed the forest, especially mushrooms, fungi, lichens. I was interested in documenting how they grow, how they settle in dark and humid places.

What were the challenges you faced during the process?

Solving the practical issues without losing the naturalness I was looking for in the piece.

What value do you think it brings to brands/companies (hotels, restaurants, architects, interior designers)to be able to work with objects and products made from a design with a great artisanal value?

I prefer that craftsmanship be approached from a personal interest and not through prescribers.

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