Sancho Original


The renovated Sancho Original restaurant, like all of its locations, is characterized by creating spaces with neighborhood cuisine.

The design calls for a hybrid environment that reflects both the urban context of concrete, iron and glass and the lush natural Mediterranean habitat that inspires it.

The selection of earth-toned colors, materials and textures prevails in the interior design, eschewing decorative flourishes in favor of a minimalist sensibility refined by the rich textures of natural materials such as oak wood, ceramics and esparto grass, as well as vegetation elements (olive tree).

The central volume, clad in oak wood, serves as a point of union between the lounges. The main bar stands out for its two-level development, achieving a very sophisticated effect with very simple elements. The handmade ceramic plates by Eugenia Boscá, the furniture by Andreu World and the clay lamps by Pott stand out.

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